We deliver a range of commercial fuel products to a wide variety of customers, from agricultural businesses to Boats.  For both commercial and pleasure craft boats we can guarantee FAME free fuel which will have less harmful emissions and reduce risk of biological contamination or 'diesel bug' in fuel systems.

We are committed to ensuring we provide the best quality fuel possible. We have two lorries solely dedicated to delivering Derv and Petrol & work closely with customs to mitigate any risk of cross contamination.

We can also deliver to those just starting up in business, to companies working on major construction projects, to hauliers requiring bulk road Diesel and PU50.



Carlisle Fuels can now offer, Furnaceflame, 1000ppm gas oil which will significantly reduce costs and is a drop in replacement for gasoil in burner applications ranging from small air heaters to larger boiler plants. There is no need to run down the gas oil in the tank to changeover and no difference in combustion quality or calorific value.   Guaranteeing a fast delivery and service on all orders, why not call one of our team today to get the most competitive price.

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For Commercial orders and enquiries, please contact our Commercial Manager:

Martina McClements

Tel: 02897566189
Mobile: 07812537661

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